Keep Fresh Ice with Properly Serviced Ice Machines around Calgary

Does your business need to use ice daily? If so, you most likely already use ice machines around Calgary to make sure you can quickly stock up on all the fresh ice you’ll need. If you don’t have ice machines yet, you may want to reconsider that. Ice machines are a practical solution for businesses that need a lot of ice on a daily basis. They offer a convenient 24/7 supply of ice nearby, and they can even provide the following benefits:

  • Zero waste — any leftover ice can be stored away for the next time ice is needed
  • Economical convenience — it will be more economical to buy ice machines instead of buying bagged ice constantly
  • A fixed asset — with ice machines, you can have a tangible asset for your business

Fulfill All Your Ice Machine Needs with Us

Whether you own some ice machines already or are just starting to consider owning them, Alaska Refrigeration & Air Conditioning can help. We are fully trained and capable of servicing and repairing all makes and models of ice machines.

We can even help you handle any future cleaning your ice machines will need. That way, you can prevent any mold and scale build-up from happening to them. To keep your ice machines not only free from that build-up but also from dirty water, we offer water filtration system services as well. We can supply and install high-quality inline water filtration systems for any ice machines of yours that need it!

If you want to have us service your current ice machines or supply you with some new ones, request a quote today!

We are also an authorized server and dealer for the following manufacturers:

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