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Established in 1983, Alaska Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is a fully bonded and insured Calgary-owned and -operated business that serves the refrigeration and air conditioning needs of the communities around Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, High River, Strathmore, Lethbridge and surrounding areas.

Dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality service, we offer 30 years of experience with the tools and knowledge to get the job done right. To make sure we exceed your expectations in a timely manner, we operate at the highest safety, maintenance, and environmental standards in the industry today.

Our fleet


Rooftop units
Walk-in freezers/walk-in coolers
Unit/radiant heaters
Reach-in coolers/reach-in freezers
Ice machines
Line coolers
Make-up air and ventilation systems
…And so much more!

During our service, you’ll find out that we’ve gone green and learn why we have been awarded the certificate of recognition (COR) through Alberta Safety and WCR. All our service technicians carry mobile phones and tablets to save thousands of trees from becoming paper each year, and our vehicles are equipped with a GPS for fast dispatch and communication. Each truck includes its own refrigerant recovery system, evacuation pump, electronic refrigerant scale, and electronic leak detector to help diagnose faults with equipment.

To allow both our staff and trucks to extend their services from Red Deer-South to the border, we have just recently acquired a sister company in Lethbridge, Bosch Mechanical.

Bosch Mechanical

To experience our service for yourself, just give us a call! Our friendly service technicians are ready for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Alaska Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is committed to fostering a sustainable, environmental workplace by providing true leadership to conserve, recycle, and protect our environment for the benefit of our community and all Canadians.

We recognize that our day-to-day activities can potentially have both positive and negative impacts on our environment, and we are fully committed to minimizing the potential effect on our environment wherever possible. The following policy is also required to be adhered to by all sub-contractors and service partners.


At Alaska Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, our policy involves the following:

  • We will comply with all legal requirements set out by Environment Canada, the province of Alberta, and the City of Calgary.

  • We will recycle all ozone-depleting products by way of cleaning, reusing, or capturing and disposing at the appropriate facilities.

  • We will not top up refrigeration equipment without first finding and repairing all leaks, followed by a complete system operations check. It is against environmental laws to add refrigerant to systems that are known to be leaking or in need of repair.

  • We will recycle all metals, copper, mercury, steel, tin, and refrigerants to appropriate facilities.

  • We will train all staff on the advantages of protecting our environment for all Canadians.

  • We will ensure there is an effective emergency plan in case of the unlikely event of an accidental leak or spillage.

  • We will continually seek out new ways to improve our environmental responsibilities.

For more information about us, our sister company, or our services, contact us or take a look at our LinkedIn profile.

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