Need New Equipment?

If you need any of the following equipment, contact Alaska Refrigeration & Air Conditioning:

  • Heating systems

  • Air conditioning systems

  • Server/IT room air conditioning systems

  • RTUs (Rooftop units)

  • VFD systems

  • Walk-in freezers/walk-in coolers

  • Prep table

  • Exhaust and ventilation systems

  • Reach-in coolers/reach-in freezers

  • Undercounter coolers/freezers

  • …Much more!

We sell, maintain, and install all of the previously listed equipment. To complete new equipment installations in a timely fashion, without being subjected to a third party’s schedule constraints, our installations may involve the use of our personally owned and operated crane truck, which is available for rent for various projects.

Any new equipment you order from us will come with a standard manufacturer warranty as well as a one-year labour warranty.

Worried about how ordering all this new equipment might affect your budget? Don’t be! For businesses that run on a tighter budget, we are willing to sell used equipment. Our stock of used equipment is typically limited, so you can check back with us frequently to ask us about what we have available or what you can order.

To find out more about our equipment sales, maintenance, and installation, give us a call today!

Need to Manage Temperature?

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