See Why You Need Preventative Maintenance & Testing

At Alaska Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we believe that the preventative maintenance and testing of your mechanical systems are both critical. Why? The main reason any company would want to have a preventative maintenance program is to prevent unexpected outages from equipment failure.

While every company’s situation is different, an outage is always going to be inconvenient and maybe even costly. However, with a proper preventative maintenance program and routine maintenance, you will greatly reduce your equipment’s risk of failure, extend their life, and even reduce your company’s overall operating cost.

To make sure your equipment runs smoothly after maintenance, each maintenance program that’s put in place needs to be customized to handle the specific needs of that equipment and the conditions it operates in. Otherwise, you may find that you perform maintenance too often or not enough. When maintenance is performed too often, unnecessary costs will occur. When maintenance is not performed often enough, your equipment may prematurely fail or end up with a severely reduced operating life.

Rely on Us for Balanced Maintenance

For a balanced maintenance program, look to Alaska Refrigeration & Air Conditioning! As part of our ongoing work and quarterly service, we schedule a consultation with each client to come up with the right maintenance program that suits their needs.

To start designing the best maintenance program for your equipment, request a free quote today!

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