Maintain Temperature with Our Heating & Cooling around Calgary

Temperature is one of the most important aspects your business will have to manage. Managing it can involve making sure your products are cool enough that they don’t expire or keeping your employees comfortable with the right degree of heating or cooling.

While this amount of management sounds like it’s a hassle, it’s important because otherwise you and your employees may run into the following issues:

  • Unusable products

  • Chilblains

  • Raynaud’s disease

  • White finger

  • Frostbite

  • Sleepiness

  • Heat cramps

  • Extra strain on heart and lungs

  • Heatstroke

We are also certified and trained to work on any other type of heating/cooling units. If you have any questions about our heating and cooling services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To avoid these hazards, see Alaska Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for heating and cooling in Calgary. We are an authorized service dealer for a number of heating/cooling unit brands, such as:

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